John Blaze
John Blaze
Artist Name: John Blaze
Shop: True Fit Tattoo
Tattooing Since: 1998
Contact Email:
Phone: 619-321-8173
Styles: All Styles
Artist Bio: My name is John Blaze and I’ve been an artist all my life. I started tattooing in 1998 and I never looked back. I’m well versed in many styles of tattooing from color to black and grey. I try not to concentrate too much on one style so I can stay diverse and versatile. I’ve been fortunate to have worked with some of this industries best and I’m always looking to advance to the next level. I enjoy doing custom work the most as it proves to be the most challenging and rewarding. I have a strong respect and passion for this art and I take every measure to make sure I stay as true to it as I possibly can. Just because you own tattoo equipment doesn’t make you a tattoo artist! It takes hard work, dedication and determination to persevere. I will most likely keep tattooing until I can no longer pull a straight line or get really bad arthritis! Until then I believe my dedication and love for this craft will continually grow and hopefully I will be able to inspire those around me in a postive manner!
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