Isaac Combs
Isaac Combs
Artist Name:

Isaac Combs

Shop: Chapter One Tattoo
Tattooing Since: 2011
Contact Email:
Phone: 480-812-5502
Styles: Traditional
Artist Bio: Originally from Indiana. I have been drawing since the age of 5. My parents seeing an artistic potential, stayed on top of me about drawing. As years went on I grew to love more than just doodling. I got involved in art classes of many medium's. I moved to Arizona in 2009 seeking an apprenticeship to start my tattooing career. Got lucky and attained a formal apprenticeship under Honest Bob Gibson at Mastodon Custom Tattoo. I've been tattooing professionally for 3 years now and loving every second of it, constantly growing and progressing in this trade. I'm a down to earth, goofy, Christian guy. Come in, hang out and get tattooed!! "Fun Pokes and Great Jokes!"
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