Kurt Deetjen
Diana DeAugustine
Artist Name: Kurt Deetjen
Shop: Lucky's Tattoo
Websites: www.kurtdeetjen.com
Years Tattooing: Since 2001
Contact Email: kurtdeetjen@gmail.com
Phone: 619-961-0107
Styles: Japanese, American Traditional, script, black and grey realistic
Artist Bio: Thank you for your interest. I have been a Tattoo professional since 2001. I enjoy all styles and I love to be presented with a challenge. I prefer to customize the tattoo for my clients. This way you are given the best Tattoo possible, based on your ideas and my experience. I am constantly working for progress. I build and sell tattoo machines. I have used my own machines exclusively since '06. I am also experienced in the art of needle building and tattoo machine repair. I'm very clean and organized. I am trained to practice aseptic technique. I hold a current blood borne pathogen training certificate. I renew it yearly. I work with disposable equipment, this means NO re-sterilizing of Tattoo tubes (the instrument that holds the needle in place). This greatly reduces the risk of catching a communicable disease during your Tattoo. When getting a Tattoo from me, you can be confident for your safety and satisfaction. If you are interested in getting a Tattoo, please send me a detailed message with your contact information.
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