Bobby Flores
Bobby Flores
Artist Name: Bobby Flores
Shop: Remington Tattoo
Years Tattooing: Since 2009
Contact Email:
Phone: (619) 427-6484
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Artist Bio:

Born and raised in Tijuana and San Diego, I've always had a passion for the melting pot of art and culture that surrounded me. Born into a creative family, I established a Foundation in art with 4 years of SCPA (a fine arts program provided at my high school). I went on to community college where I majored in doodling and received a Financial Aid check I used do buy some Tattoo machines and enough supply to do about 10 tattoos. Anyhow, I've been tattooing professionally for 5 years now.

Early 2009, after many years of self teaching, I was given an apprenticeship at Traditions Tattoo in Imperial Beach. I learned what it takes to produce a quality tattoo and how to provide a clean and safe environment to do so. After 4 years I took a chair with Ink Pushers Tattoo in City Heights where I spent a couple years continuing to grow in my craft. I am now tattooing at Remington Tattoo in North Park. Hope to see you soon!

Contact Me for a consultation at

Nittis Tattoo
1037 Broadway #C
Chula Vista, CA 91911
(619) 427-6484

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