Henry Gae
Henry Gae
Artist Name: Henry "Hendo" Gae
Shop: Masters Tattoo
Websites: Facebook
Instagram: hendolorendo
Years Tattooing: SInce 2010
Contact Email: Hendotattoos@gmail.com
Phone: 619-226-6575
Art Sales: henry.gae@facebook.com
Styles: Japanese, Black and Gray, and Illustrative
Artist Bio:

Having apprenticed under a man like Bill Canales, it is safe to say that Henry Gae certainly got a great start into the industry. Aka "Hendo" specializes in Asian-influenced art, but has shown that he can provide a high quality tattoo that is readable and fits the body no matter what style it is. Bright and bold colors, flow, and authenticity are all words that are used to describe Henry's imagery, and photos of his artwork and tattoos are available online for viewing at any of the websites listed above.

Photo: www.alfonsonieva.com  
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