Lorenzo Gomez
Lorenzo Gomez
Artist Name: Lorenzo Gomez
Shop: Sailors Grave Tattoo
Websites: Instagram @lorenzotattoos
Years Tattooing: Since 2013
Contact Email: lorenzojgomez@gmail.com
Phone: 619-730-5608
Styles: Traditional/Neo Traditional
Artist Bio:

My name is Lorenzo Gomez. I'm born and raised in San Diego. I began my apprenticeship in Downtown San Diego, and during that time learned a lot about traditional tattooing and what makes a good tattoo. I now tattoo out of Sailors Grave Tattoo. I like making tattoos that look like tattoos: Heavy black shading, and bright, solid color saturation. I love giving my client a custom piece. Stop by the shop anytime for a consultation, and we can get a new tattoo started!

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