Ronan Harvey
Ronan Harvey
Artist Name: Ronan Harvey
Shop: The King's Head Tattoo
Instagram @ronanharvey
Years Tattooing: Since 1999
Contact Email:
Phone: 858-352-6133
Styles: Asian, Warriors, Black and Grey, Creatures, Spiritual Icons, Traditional
Artist Bio:

Ronan Harvey, owner of The King's Head Tattoo, is an award winning, international tattoo artist with over 15 years of professional tattoo experience. He is well known for his Irish wit, artistic talent and clean work. Born a dual citizen of the US and Ireland has allowed Ronan to travel his whole life giving him a broad artistic perspective.

His portfolio is diverse. His expertise and technique allows him to have the ability to tattoo what ever style the client is interested in. He likes to do large, bold tattoos with interesting subject matter such as Asian influenced artwork; warriors, birds, flowers, creatures as well as American Traditional, large black&grey, and color. He also does a lot of coverup tattoo work.

A family man with a strong work ethic and excellent bedside manner you can count on him to deliver the best tattoo possible.

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