Jacob Henry
Jacob Henry
Artist Name: Jacob Henry
Shop: Left Hand Black
Websites: www.lhblk.com
Years Tattooing: 2007
Contact Email: jacob@LHBLK.com
Phone: 619-546-6555
Styles: Black and Grey, Portraiture, Fine Line, Illustration, Neo-Classical

Native to Southern California, Jacob's interest in art seemed to bloom around 2004 and exploded into a passion for both illustration and then ultimately tattooing. Under the tutelage of Julius Vargas and Jonathan Castillo (Paragon Tattoo), Jacob began apprenticing to tattoo in 2007 where he stumbled upon a set of Paul Booth flash. Thus beginning his passion for black and grey, and inspiring him to draw from a more dynamic standpoint. "My work from the beginning was horrible, I still do not understand to this day why Julius apprenticed me" says Jacob in a recent interview he had with himself, "Talk about miracles, haha." Well we can fast forward to the future after all the tube scrubbing, sweeping, cleaning, getting shot with piercing needles, being yelled at for not doing his normal duties that go along with being apprentice, etc. All the while learning the basics of tattooing and art. Finally that day arrives when he gets to start his first tattoo, a skull from a Bill Canales flash set, which he did on his friend, Steven Morley.

Hands shaking uncontrollably, sweating, and a group of guys staring and sometimes yelling at him as he was to try and start his first line... The first of many shaky lines, and shading, which would be the start of the long and sometimes frustrating process of trying to do a good tattoo. The process of which is never ending by Jacob's philosophy. A couple of years into tattooing, Jacob started to get heavily addicted to drugs, and other things, unfortunately, to try and fill the emptiness and guilt in his life. Finally, somewhere around 2010 he gave up the downward direction in which he was heading, a life of sin, which would have eventually killed him, and turned his focus to Jesus Christ and made him LORD of his life, who is the greatest friend one can have and who gave him a new heart and a fresh start.

Jacob is very thankful to God for where he is today. Today, Jacob enjoys many different styles of art and a myriad of different artists. Some of his major influences include the likes of Paul Booth, Robert Hernandez, Rachi Brains, Emily Rose Murray, Alfons Mucha, Malcolm Liepke, Julius Vargas, Jon Castillo, Jacob Doney, Bill Canales, Noah Moore, Adam Turk, Ichibay, Greggletron, and many more as the list continues. “My goals for the future are to just Grow as an artist, and a Christian. I’m very excited to be here in San Diego and to be working with the amazing Adam Turk, and looking forward to what God has in store for me here. I just want to be good at whatever I do and to put all I have into it and not waste the time I have here. I ‘m always looking to improve my artistry, body composition, application, and of course have fun while doing it. I believe art is meant to be fun, and the more you learn about art the more we can appreciate the master artist, Jesus Christ, who loves art and more importantly the artist.”

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