Nemo One
Nemo One
Artist Name: Nemo One
Shop: Deville Tattoo
Websites: facebook
Tattooing Since: 1999
Phone: 619-269-5599
Art Sales: Flash, Prints, Cut Out's, Original Canvases
Styles: All Styles
Artist Bio: Nemo one has grown up on the street's of San Diego, CA. Taking in the street culture through the year's he is known as on of the west coast finest representatives when it come's to graffiti, graphic designs, air brushing, and none the less being an AWARD WINNING TATTOO ARTIST for the past 15 yrs! He has bomb graff all over the world and has rocked graphics for some of the illest clothing companys known through the year's such as ENSANE CLOTHING, TRIBAL GEAR, 187 INC, WILD STYLE TECHNICIANS, to name a few...Rright now he is taking time off touring across this nation and parts of the world to just tattoo on a local level after touring for 10 years straight. now you may find him pushing new artist and taking the time to be a working class blue collared family man! Tattooing at Deville Tattoo in San Diego, CA. When client's and comrade's ask him what he likes to tattoo he will tell you! I have an old school spirit I'll tattoo enything that comes through the door on gods good graces! and add my style to the tattoo to make it a one off piece of art work for the rest of there life...No Half Steppin!!!
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