Shannon Nordin
Shannon Nordin
Artist Name: Shannon Nordin
Shop: Electric Tiger Tattoo
Tattooing Since: 2009
Phone: (619) 621-1334
Art Sales: Contact Artist
Styles: Tradittional, Jjapanese, Iillustrative, Neo-Traditional, Art Nuveau
Artist Bio:

I ventured west in 2006, escaping the brutally cold winters of my native northern Wisconsin. Fueled by ambition and the desire to make art a living, I began tattooing in 2009 after a year and a half apprenticeship. I enjoy all styles of tattooing from large and small scale color American and Japanese traditional, to wildlife and nature, neo-traditional, folklore and mythology, art nouveau and surrealism, all while adding an illustrative narrative to make the story of the tattoo come to life. I also enjoy the heavy contrast of black and grey tattooing of esoteric symbols and patterns from indigenous cultures, as well as the softer details in pseudo-realism. Being as versatile as possible, while still making a tattoo that will last through the years and still be readable is something I work very hard to do. Thank you for your interest in my work, and I look forward to working with you!

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