Gemma Pariente
Gemma Pariente
Artist Name: Gemma Pariente
Shop: Full Circle Tattoo
Instagram: gemmapariente
Pinterest: Fullcircletattoo
Years Tattooing: Since 2006
Contact Email:
Phone: 619-226-6575
Art Sales:
Styles: Dotwork, Blackwork and Black and Gray.
Artist Bio:

Gemma Pariente was born in a far away land called Spain, and she has been an artist from the beginning. In 2007, after traveling abroad, Gemma decided to head back to her home in Barcelona and focus her energy on the art of tattooing. Since that time, Gemma has found her artistic niche, and she has become known for her skillful application of a style rarely seen in San Diego. Geometric designs, patterns, stippling, clean lines, and lots of black ink are all words that describe her tattoos. Examples of her work can be found in her portfolio at Full Circle Tattoo or in any one of the social media sites listed above.

To get an appointment or consultation call or email, and Gemma or Jordan will set you up!

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