Cash Scott
Cash Scott
Artist Name: Cash Scott
Shop: Chapter One Tattoo
Years Tattooing: 10
Contact Email:
Phone: 619-255-8400
Styles: Custom/ All

Born and raised in California, it wasn’t difficult for Cash to be influenced early on by an array of incredible art. However, it was within his own home that he found the strongest support, encouragement and inspiration. Family always comes first for him and in the art world, this especially applies to his mother whoʼs own interest and passion for art gave fuel to Cashʼs creative fire. Her beautiful hand-drawn portraits were some of the first pieces that piqued his curiosity. Cash also gives a lot of credit to Jose Lopez, Bob Tyrell, Tom Renshaw and of course Bill Canales for their unique and awe-inspiring work that has pushed him even further in his career.

"As long as I can remember I have been fascinated by art in all forms; from comic books and cartoons to sculpting and painting. So naturally tattooing, the most diverse form of art, became my career as an adult."

Traveling from California all the way to New York, and eventually venturing overseas, Cashʼs prolific work has pushed the envelope in tattooing. Recent visits to Europe have sparked a new wave of creative concepts for him, finding inspiration in the sculptural elements and architecture abundant in Italy. Notwithstanding, Cash began his career in 2000, at Jade Tattoo in San Diego. Heʼs worked alongside great artists such as Keith Nichols, Rory Keating and Paul Vandenberg and once again, emphasizes how working with Bill Canales not only helped to push him in tattooing, but also helped him to understand that a shop should be run in a respective, professional manner.

In fact, it was at Billʼs shop, Full Circle, that Cash found himself working with Tomas Archuleta who would eventually become one of his close friends and business partners. Within a year, ideas for Chapter One came into works and since then, thereʼs been no stopping the two.

With that being said, Cash thrives off of good friends, great music and positive influences constantly. He emphasizes that he cannot picture a life that is not involved in tattooing and could not imagine pursuing anything else.

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