Jeremy Thompson
Jeremy Thompson
Artist Name: Jeremy "Slim" Thompson
Shop: SD Tattoo

Instagram: @jslimtattoos

Years Tattooing: Since 2001
Contact Email:
Phone: 619-581-7225
Styles: New school color, neo traditional, traditional, black and grey, full color realism
Artist Bio:

My name is Jeremy "Slim," born and raised in San Diego, I have been tattooing for 13 years, but my passion for art started when I was really young. Doodles around the edges of pages, turned into notebooks full of sketches, many of which I have to this day. My love of art as a whole is what drives me to always expand my knowledge of many different styles and cultures. I am all about working with you and giving you the piece that you've always dreamed of. Full Color, Black & Grey, Realistic, New School, I am about the tattoo, the art, the finished piece. I specialize in lifestyle artwork, that you will be proud to display.

I remember building my first tattoo machine, giving myself my first tattoo, and knowing way back then that where I am today was the ultimate goal, and although there were roadblocks, here I am, ready to beautify San Diego starting with your next tattoo.

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