Tom Veling
Tom Veling
Artist Name: Tom Veling
Shop: Body Marks Tattoo
Websites: Facebook
Instagram @tomvelingtattoo
Years Tattooing: Since 2009
Contact Email:
Phone: 916-542-8187
Art Sales:
Styles: American Traditional, Black and Grey, Lettering
Artist Bio:

Tom Veling grew up in Northern California, but now calls San Diego his home. After tattooing in Pennsylvania for the past 5 years, he decided to move back west. Tom grew up playing music, drawing, and was always drawn to and surrounded by different forms of creativity. Playing in punk rock bands for most of his life and traveling to different countries, he was surrounded by tattoos and art from many cultures. His favorite style of tattooing is American Traditional, but is not limited to that. “A tattoo should be designed and tattooed to last, it should look great in 40 years.” Whether it’s a bold color tattoo, custom lettering, or soft black and grey, Tom takes pride in giving each person a safe, high quality tattoo. He believes that it is important to constantly strive to better himself as a tattooer, and to pull from every source he can to learn and move forward in giving people quality tattoos that last.

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