Dave Warshaw
Dave Warshaw
Artist Name: Dave Warshaw
Shop: Avalon Tattoo II
Websites: www.davewarshaw.com
Urban Taxedermy
Years Tattooing: 10
Contact Email: tikishack@cox.net
Phone: 619-280-1957
Artwork Sales: Yes, inquire with the artist
Styles: Fine line black and grey/ large floral body
Artist Bio: Dave Warshaw san diego tattooer. worked at avalon tattoo 2 for 11 yrs now, also plays music in the Creepy Creeps (Dionysus records). self taught musician and artist. styles i enjoy are extreme detail tattooing, large format floral tattooing, and other odd requests! check my portfolio for more info. I also have artwork in multiple galleries across the united states. other mediums include ballpoint pen arte, tiki carving, painting, and illustration. other bands i have been in are the locust, tarantula hawk, flamable fabriks and the elderly, the shithouse rats and many many more!
Notes: To contact me I work MonTthurs 10-6pm at: Avalon Tattoo 2
3039 Adams Ave
San Diego, CA 92116
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