Chad Whitson
Chad Whitson
Artist Name: Chad Whitson
Shop: Bearcat Tattoo Gallery
Years Tattooing: Since 2000
Contact Email:
Phone: 419-356-3909
Artwork Sales: Contact Artist
Styles: Color, lots of it! I feel I have a style I try to keep "my own" I dont really try stay in one category.
Artist Bio: I am Chad Whitson, born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. From the time I learned how to hold things in my left hand, I've had a love for art that has evolved into one of the most fulfilling parts of my life. I love drawing with colored pencils, painting, sculpting, crafts, and really anything that has to deal with creating! I feel very blessed for that talent since there are no other artists in my family or that influenced me while growing up! It started with drawings in elementary school and murals on my childhood bedroom wall. And now, it has turned into my career! More...
Notes: Looking to network and meet other talented artists. While letting people see my work, since its new to the area.
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