Diego Tattoo Gallery
Diego Tattoo Gallery
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Diego Tattoo Gallery

Address: 3434 Universtiy Ave. Suite A
San Diego, Ca 92104
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Artists: Diana DeAugustine
  Cari Coleman
Sophia Cazarez
Sierra Bancroft
Beth Emmerich
Websites: diegotattoos.com
Years In Business: Since 2012
Contact Email: info@diegotattoogallery.com
Phone: 619-246-5226
Styles: Neo-Traditional, Illustrative Realism, Photo Realism, Japanese, Traditional, Black & Gray
Shop Bio:

Diana, a southern California native, opened the shop in November of 2012 on the cusp of Southpark and Golden Hills. Equipped with a MFA from Cal Arts, she wanted to create a shop centered around the creation of art, leaving ego at the door. Bonnie Gillson, from Portland, Or, added her traditional style to the mix, and Cari Coleman, from Florida, joined a few months later. The shop is named after Diego, Diana's pet chihuahua who is definitely the boss around the shop. The staff is friendly and down to earth and want to help you create the next piece of artwork to adorn your body for the rest of your life.

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