Holy Turtle
Holy Turtle
Shop Name: Holy Turtle Tattoo Studio

1966 Garnet Ave
San Diego, CA 92109
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Artists: Marcel Britten
Websites: holyturtle.com
Years In Business: 2
Contact Email: dewkitty@aol.com
Phone: 858-483-1530
Styles: Tribal, Polynesian, Hawaiian... All styles.
Shop Bio:

Holy Turtle Tattoo is a small, peaceful studio, just a stones throw away from the beaten track and away from all the traffic noise in beautiful Pacific Beach. I personally see the studio as my santuary, where I feel more like home, rather than being "at work". This has a positive inpact on my work and creativity!

Here you can be yourself, you dont have to be cool, popular, a Rockstar or pretend you are to get treated with respect and as a V.I.P
Customer service still rules. You'll find an open ear for your ideas and If its in my power I'll make it possible.

I have been tattooing over 20 years and have shops in Germany and Ireland.

Marcel BrittenMarcel Britten