True Fit Tattoo
True Fit Tattoo
Shop Name: True Fit Tattoo
Address: 6561 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego, California
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Artists: Tomas Archuleta
Gabriel Mata
John Blaze
Marcel Goyen
James Rader
Websites: facebook
Instagram @TrueFitTattoo
Years In Business: Since 2014
Contact Email:
Phone: (619) 450-6031
Styles: Everything!
Shop Bio:

True Fit Tattoo owned by Tomas Archuleta features world class tattoos and fine art.

Starting off in the small streets of Denver, Colorado, Tomas journey was yet to being. In 2006, he soon moved on to custom shops and guess spotting in several states including Pennsylvania, Arizona, Utah, South Dakota, Idaho, Michigan and Nevada to list a few. After traveling a while, Tomas found himself in the heart of San Diego, California. Working side by side with Bill Canales, owner of Full Circle, Tomas didn't stop there. In 2012 Tomas and a good friend of his, Cash Scott, signed their lives over to what would be Chapter One Tattoo in Ocean Beach. After spending 2 years there, Tomas refused to end his journey knowing there was so much more for him to discover.

After searching around, making sure to find the perfect place, Tomas later on opened a shop of his own near San Diego State University where True Fit Tattoo arose in 2014. Tomas now tattoos everyday and is married to the love of his life. Tomas has recently found a home in San Diego where he thinks is a perfect place on raising his own family. Tomas explains " Although Denver will always be apart of me and I do miss it, San Diego is where I plan on staying."

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