About Us
About Us

SD-too.com started as an idea. An answer to a commonly asked question. How do you find a good tattoo artist? Having multiple tattoos I am asked this question a lot, I was fortunate in finding a talented artist for my ink but unless you get a referral or spend a lot of time visiting tattoo shops and viewing portfolios, finding an professional artist you like and can trust can be a daunting task. There are a lot of bad tattoos out there, often the case is poor research or feeling obligated to a shop because you walked in.

The hope of this website is to have a one-stop place for people to get the quality information they need to choose an artist that best suits the style of artwork they want to get tattooed. Tattoo's are a personal expression of ones self, it is not always easy to express exactly what you are looking for to an artist, this site will give artists a platform to show off their best artwork as well as give clients a clear look at what each artists particular style of artwork is.

Another objective of this site is to expose the art of local San Diego Tattoo Artist to a wider audience. Often times the actual art of these artist never leaves the walls of the Tattoo Shop and most of this art is of gallery quality. SD-too.com wants to not only promote and expose this art, we also want you to get to know the artist behind the ink.

SD-too.com is a work in progress. We plan on expanding into different areas that revolve around the tattoo scene. We will grow, change, and progress into a site that positively and best serves our artists as well as for people looking for artist. Feel free to contact us if you have ideas or suggestions for the site. We appreciate your feedback and look to create a great source of information that puts more great artwork on the streets of "America's Finest Tattooed City".

We are always looking for new, talented and professional artist in the San Diego area. If you would like to be a part of the movement, please contact us.