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Chad Whitson
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The Tree Oracle

My name is Tim and I have had the leprechaun tattoo since 1995. This is my first tattoo, basically it was a typical spur of the moment thing to walk in a studio and pick from the tattoo flash then sit in a seat. I wanted something that represented my heritage and history.  However, over time this faded from the sun and basically not well maintained.  Also, it was positioned to far forward and not centered on the arm.

In late 2008, I was working on websites for a local tattoo studio when I met Chad. He was able to teach me that there was such a thing as a bad tattoo. His style impressed me with the vibrant colors and his ability to not only hand draw a stencil but to freehand the image right on the flesh. So I asked him if he was able to cover up the leprechaun.  It was old and faded, so he told me it was not a problem. Then I would need to provide some reference material and he would do the rest.

After some long deliberation and sticking with my Celtic theme I was able to find a tree oracle (Green man) image. The Green Man is an ancient and popular icon of the natural world - the very spirit of nature and wisdom. Once I handed over the reference material we discussed different options and color schemes. I basically told him he was the artist and I trust his judgment. The only caveat was that the leaves had to go with the living and dying theme or basically “Life”. He was able to capture this for me and I will definitely come back for more ink from this phenomenal artist!

-Tim O'Donal

I had a wolverine tattooed on my arm over 10 years ago. It was so embarrassing people thought it was a badger, monkey, even a sloth. Chad covered it up with an amazing medusa! And now people either forget it was there or can't tell it was ever was. Along with all the compliments, thanks Chad!

John White

I was very embarrassed to wear shirts because of a stick and poke tattoo I had got in my younger 20s. I had ask Chad to see if he could help me cover it up. And after bouncing ideas at each other the end design we came up with was ten times better than my old tattoo. This summer I plan on wearing shorts more often so people can ask questions about this new tattoo Chad put on my leg. I'm very happy with the design of this new tattoo and professionalism that came along with getting it put on my body. Hopefully Chad will put a bigger piece on me in the future.

- Nick Vargo

Around the time that I was 18 years old, I had a sun tattoo put on my upper arm because I thought it would look "cool". The amount of thought that I put into it was around the same amount of figuring out what I would like to drink. Needless to say I was unimpressed with what I received to be permanently put on my body. Years went by until I met Chad Whitson. Chad and I went over a few designs and he came up with the elephant with a glass lotus flower. Drawn on with only markers it was already better than what I had hoped. Now every time I look at my upper arm, I am pleased and delighted to have such an amazing piece of art on my body. Chad Whitson is less of a tattooer and more of a magician. Thanks again Chad!

- Luke Forton

I am very honored to have found Chad and to be wearing his artwork. I went to Chad with a large/dark tribal that I got tattooed when I was younger. I knew that it wouldn't be easy to cover. After meeting with Chad two times, I felt that we had a pretty good understanding of what I wanted and what he was going to do. I was very surprised and knew I made the right choice in this true professional when I sat in the chair and the "outline portion" of the tattoo was drawn on vice stenciled. I told him what I wanted tattooed and the symbolism while leaving the placement and colors up to him. After five sittings, I was VERY pleased of the work that Chad completed. It completely covered my dark tribal without compromising the new work; none of the symbolism was lost. His line work and choice in colors were outstanding as they really pop out. I constantly get compliments on this tattoo and his excellent artwork has resulted in several of my close friends converting into loyal customers of Chads. I am so happy with the new work and covering of the old that I will no longer visit any other tattoo artist for work. Thanks Chad for the rockin tattoo!

- Josh Roberts